Bart N

For the past three years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Anthony Wong as my personal trainer and wellness coach. From the outset, Anthony has been an instrumental figure in my journey to recovery, especially following a challenging back surgery. His expertise and thoughtful approach to fitness and wellness have not only aided in my full recovery but have also transformed my overall health and lifestyle.

One of Anthony’s standout qualities is his commitment to creating a personalized program tailored specifically to my needs. Understanding the complexities of my condition post-surgery, he meticulously designed workouts that not only addressed my rehabilitation goals but also ensured my safety and confidence in each exercise. His attention to detail and deep knowledge of physical fitness and recovery techniques were evident, providing a solid foundation for my progression.

What’s more, Anthony has an exceptional ability to keep the workout regimen fresh and engaging. Each week, he introduces new exercises and variations, preventing the routine from becoming mundane. This variety has not only kept me motivated but has also challenged me in ways I didn’t know were possible, contributing to continuous improvement in my physical strength and endurance.

Incredibly, our entire three-year journey of transformation has been conducted via Zoom. Despite the potential limitations of virtual training, Anthony has skillfully leveraged technology to deliver highly effective and interactive workout sessions. His adept use of digital tools, clear communication, and supportive feedback have made each session as impactful as any in-person training could offer. This seamless adaptation to virtual coaching underscores his dedication and innovative approach to personal training.

Anthony’s professionalism, expertise, and genuine care for his clients’ well-being set him apart in the world of personal training and wellness coaching. His ability to inspire and push boundaries, coupled with his compassionate support, has been a cornerstone of my recovery and ongoing dedication to a healthier lifestyle.

For anyone considering a personal trainer or wellness coach, especially those in recovery or seeking a highly personalized and dynamic workout program, I wholeheartedly recommend Anthony Wong. His guidance has been invaluable to me, and I am immensely grateful for the positive impact he has had on my life.

Lisa S

Anthony’s formal training in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture combined with his innate curiosity about all things health-related make him a true healer. He combines many diverse disciplines and ideas in his approach and has helped me overcome health issues and recover from injury often since I started working with him.

Guil S

Anthony deeply cares about our goals and our achievements. He is working hard to define a comprehensive approach that will get us there as fast as possible while never compromising with safety. “If your form is appalling… tough luck, you will keep those baby weights for some time…” He motivated me to look at my training in a holistic way, focusing on every aspects of it from my eating hygiene to the most basic push-up form.

Ryan H

From start to finish, Anthony was incredibly supportive of my fitness goals, while still understanding my limitations and personal barriers. His training and expertise goes far beyond the gym. He consistently stays in touch via email and has a positive, upbeat, kick ass mentality that is infectious.

He pushes you to dig deep and want it, but he’s not one of those drill sergeants that yells ‘one more’ either. QUALITY and FORM come first before quantity. He spent over an hour with me testing my range of motion in various positions, discussing my health habits, and explained his philosophy and how he was going to help me achieve my goals. He takes PERSONAL trainer to the next level.

His program for me was tailor fit and I consistently looked forward to our sessions. His knowledge of nutrition, fitness and kinesiology (study of human movement) are very apparent and you are guaranteed to benefit from his knowledge base. In just a few short weeks I went from having no idea how to do a dead lift to having OTHER personal trainers use my form as an example for their clients… and it’s all thanks to Anthony. He is seriously a blessing.

Scott K

Anthony is an incredible trainer; he doesn’t just teach fitness, he teaches wellness, stress management, and happiness as well. I work 12-15 hour days in consulting and at the end of a long day, having Anthony coach me through one of his intense workouts was a welcomed pleasure.

From breathing to proper form, Anthony equips his clients with the tools necessary for success in and out of the gym. It sounds cliche, but he knows what he is doing and it works. After 10 sessions with him and obeying his workout regimen for the better part of 3 months, I was off to vacation with the six-pack that got me to sign up with him in the first place.

You will not be disappointed going with Anthony; personable and professional, he is the total package.


I have been training with Anthony for almost 7 months now. Needless to say the differences I’ve felt after starting training with him are tremendous. I suffer from a back condition from birth and have to normally deal with a lot of daily back pain. Because of his professionalism, knowledge, dedication and techniques I can now say that the pain is not only manageable but sometimes even gone. I recommend Anthony for everything he has done for me and teaching me to move, stand, and train to alleviate any pain I have and to make sure I avoid any injury caused by improper training or daily life. I recommend Anthony as a personal trainer to anyone that has tried everything and still not seen a change. Anthony’s overall knowledge in the body, physical training, nutrition, and general wellbeing is a gem I hope a lot of people get a chance to discover.

Leia C.

I have been training with Anthony consistently for over a year now. When I first started training with him I had numbness problem all over my right side of body. I couldn’t sit or sleep comfortably without feeling all pins and needles in my arm and my leg. I also had a lot of alignment problems and pains from previous accidents.

I did not understand the concept of proper breathing and good training when we first started. I was getting frustrated and money conscious because Anthony always had me doing things like breathing exercises and stretches. And those did not feel like something I needed to pay a trainer for. But little by little he built on the programs that he gives me and graduated me onto doing regular training and I started seeing results. I was in such bad shape that it took us about 6 months to get me out of the “rehab” phase into the actual training phase. Anthony is not a trainer that trains mindlessly. He does everything for a reason and always assesses my condition the day of and modify our program if needed. He never unnecessarily push me and always allow me to take a slower pace if my body cannot catch up to what he wants me to work on. I never have to worry about him directing me down a wrong path because he is always updating his skills in multiple disciplines. Anthony is always professional, courteous, simple, pleasant, full of life (if he gets 8 hrs of sleep), understanding, and happy every time I train with him.

Compared to a year and half ago when I first started training with Anthony, I no longer experience pain on a daily basis and do not remember when was the last time I had numbness anywhere. I highly recommend working with him.