Strength & Conditioning

*All sessions are available in-person or remotely. All remote sessions are taken place over Zoom.

Initial Consultation Session – 75 mins

This session is for new clients, or clients who have not worked with me in over 3 months.

We will discuss your fitness goals/concerns and evaluate your current health & fitness status with movement assessments and fitness baseline testings. 

If you wish to continue the process, you will start learning and training using the principles and concepts that I have learned throughout the years, so you may use them as foundational blocks to find your own path; whether it is to cultivate your own movement practice, to formulate a training plan, or to facilitate your own injury recovery. You will be empowered to take agency over your body and explore your potentials. 

Movement Foundation Session – 60 mins

This session is for returning clients from the Initial Consultation Session.

We will work together to learn how you can move and develop strength & cardiovascular conditioning more efficiently by practicing breathing techniques, and different forms of pulling, pushing, squatting, and deadlifting patterns. 

You will have a solid understanding and foundation after this session, and we can move on to training from here. 

Personal Training Session – 60 mins

This session is for returning clients from the Movement Foundation Session.

We continue to sharpen your awareness and connection with your mind & body & brain, deepen your understanding & knowledge to cultivate your daily physical practice, while working towards your health & fitness, or life goals.