Life Expansion with The Beginner’s Mind

I mentioned this Zen Buddhism idea a few times recently; in one of my newsletters, my YouTube videos, and on my website. 

I started practicing the hand-pour coffee-making technique at home 5 weeks ago. 

One cup at a time, day after day, with the Beginner’s Mind (Shoshin 初心). 

Every cup taste different, even with the same bag of beans.

Every day is a new experience, even if I don’t change the recipe; which includes grind size, coffee-to-water ratio, water temperature, the total volume of water, brewing time, the carafe, the cup, how the filter is being folded, and the pouring technique. 

From start to finish, it is a meditation for me. 

However, I also like to experiment, out of curiosity.

So I change the recipe, incrementally, spontaneously, to expand my experience. 

The “good”, the “bad”. Until I realized there is no “good” or “bad”

It just is. 

An experience is an experience.  That’s The Beginner’s Mind. 

A cup of coffee is a small part of life, now imagine the possibility you can have in life with this idea in mind. 

Be limitless, fearless.  

Let’s enjoy today, with the Beginner’s Mind.