Born To Run? Find Your “Superhuman” Self Within.

I think we are all “superhumans”, with untapped potentials in our abilities.

Like “The Running People” from the Tarahumura tribe, documented by Christopher McDougall’s book Born To Run.

The author organized an ultramarathon among members of the tribes and some of the best runners in the world and only found the Tarahumura runners seemed to possess some superhuman-like abilities.

“Come race day, the Tarahumara don’t train or taper. They don’t stretch or warm up. They just stroll to the starting line, laughing and bantering…then go like hell for the next forty-eight hours”.

The physical prowess and attributes of these runners were remarkable. One member was reported to have run 432 miles without stopping. Running is part of their lifestyle; they ran on their native land, Cooper Canyons for sustenance and fun.

Running one or two marathons a day is just part of life.

Another fascinating discovery the author had was that these runners were running with “low-tech” sandals, which was a big contrast to their Western counterparts, with companies like Nike, Asics, and Brooks, who are trying to develop and sell the latest “high-tech” shoes.

What can we learn from these runners?

The Tarahumura tribe has established a running culture for generations; they run for fun and have been practicing running their whole life. They have developed their physicality day after day, year after year, generation after generation.

What they demonstrate is what our “high-tech” human body is capable of.  If we spend quality time, with dedication, in a supportive environment, and focus on the “right” practice, we can all tap into our “Superhuman” selves.

It could be running, painting, computer programming, tea making, anything.

Start small.  Start now. Get better every day.
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