Begin With A Single Step

I don’t have to quote this old-age wisdom, you know what it is.   


The idea sounds very simple, yet it is very difficult for us humans to implement this idea; 


To start something new, to make changes, and to be a slightly different version of ourselves.  

We hesitate, delay, and avoid to take actions. 

Why? We all have fears. Fear of judgment, abandonment, scarcity, and more.   


Fear paralyzes us.  

We made up stories and ideas in our heads to rationalize why we should not take the first step.   


“I don’t know how to begin.”  

“Am I good enough?”   

“I am too busy…my jobs xxx, my kids xxx”   

“What will my family, friends, and colleagues think of me?”  


It is easier to stay in the status quo and to live a life we are familiar.   

Familiarity is comforting; growth is not.   

Growth requires patience, courage, resilience, humility, and more.   


Do you want to shine in life? 

Diamonds are formed under pressure and intense heat over time.  


Start with a small, single step.   

Work towards whatever you feel called to do, whatever you need to do.   


This post is my first step, more to come, week by week.     

– Anthony